There is no one-size-fits-all approach to education.

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An education hub committed to student-driven learning models, innovative education solutions, and community collaboration
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An ecosystem graphic depicting Learning Lab as the central hub for Families and Learners, Edupreneurs, and Community Members. Branching from Community Members are Industry Experts, Community Leaders, and Key Partners.


We’re a group of educational entrepreneurs who see the power and potential of personalized learning.

We believe a genuine passion for learning is developed when students’ unique learning needs are affirmed and they are empowered to take ownership of their educational experience.
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Learning Lab Newsroom

Stand Together and Learning Lab Wichita announced Khan Lab School as its first partner to join their ecosystem for education entrepreneurship, empowering education innovators to collaborate and grow individualized learning concepts for local students. Led by renowned educator Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy and, this is Khan Lab School’s first expansion outside of California.

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