Education should be personal.

As a learner, as an educator, as a family: you should expect nothing less.

We created Learning Lab because learners are far more capable than traditional educational settings allow for.
Our collaborative ecosystem sits at the nexus of entrepreneurs, industry experts, community leaders, and families looking to unbundle standardized, one-size-fits-all models into bespoke experiences that realize learners’ full potential.
A student and an educator reading a book together.
A smiling educator in a classroom.
By working together, we elevate the entire education experience through tailor-made approaches to learning. We grow confident, passionate learners who effectively collaborate, creatively solve problems, and confidently understand how their one-of-a-kind talents are of value to others.
Learning Lab’s vision is made possible by Stand Together, a philanthropic community supporting bold changemakers in their pursuit to improve the future of education through innovative, student-driven experiences.

Our location

Our downtown Wichita location, currently under construction, is situated inside the landmark Union Station. This historic destination once served as a landmark starting point for generations of travelers as they began their adventures—and it’s a symbolic launchpad for the start of your educational journey.
Learning Lab's downtown Wichita location situated inside the landmark Union Station.

Experience our future space in 3D

Tour our space via this virtual visualization created by our partners at Alloy Architecture.

What we value


“Good” is relative. No one knows everything or has all the answers. We stay open and humble to all.


Education is precious. We take the weight of stewarding it seriously.


The best solutions often come from those closest to the problem. We empower people to lead the way forward.

Meet our team

Lydia Hampton, Operations Director
Kristin Bogner, Community Director

Our key supporters

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