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Find answers to common questions about Learning Lab Wichita.

What is Learning Lab?

Learning Lab is a co-learning space and collaborative hub for education entrepreneurs who are seeking to advance innovative education models and ideas.

Why is Learning Lab Wichita important?

Education entrepreneurs are developing creative models and ideas to solve the problems they identify in education, but, like any entrepreneur, they encounter barriers. Learning Lab seeks to minimize those barriers and provide support, so these education entrepreneurs can focus their efforts on developing, refining and launching their ideas.

Currently, educators spend most of their time within the confines of their one education setting. Learning Lab creates a place where educators come together to share knowledge, resources and support. We recognize that when education improves across the board, it benefits all learners.

Who is Learning Lab Wichita for?

Learning Lab Wichita is focused on education entrepreneurs seeking to transform education. These edupreneurs can be working in any type of education setting: public school, private school, homeschool, learning pods, microschools and more. We believe that empowering education entrepreneurs is the best way to empower learners. (See the Education Entreprenuers section for more information.)

What is individualized learning?

Individualized learning is a personalized learning experience that helps each learner discover, develop and apply their innate talents and gifts. All learners are unique, and learning experiences should be as unique as they are.

What will Learning Lab Wichita look like when it is functioning at its best?

• Edupreneurs will lead the way in developing, launching, and scaling innovative, individualized learning solutions to establish more, different and better education options.
• Learners will be cognizant of their talents and gifts and seek future pathways that help them realize their full potential and live meaningful lives.
• Parents and families will be exposed to innovative learning models and become champions for change.

What does Learning Lab offer?

At Learning Lab Wichita, we equip edupreneurs with classroom infrastructure needs:
• space
• resources and equipment
• support services

We empower the development of edupreneurs’ education models through:
• community collaboration
• support connecting educators to local and national partnerships
• learning opportunities for educators and learners in our open and accessible spaces

We elevate edupreneurs’ transformational work through:
• marketing and communication channels
• supporting research efforts

How will Learning Lab create a safe and secure learning environment?

We will provide a secure facility that will require badge access to enter. Each adult member will undergo a background check. All visitors will have their IDs scanned upon entry. A security officer will be present when learners are in the space.

How does Learning Lab support education entrepreneurs?

We provide support for education entrepreneurs to create their own education models, which means they select their own curricula and generate their own instruction. Our facilities and community enhance the education they are providing to their learners.

Who is an education entrepreneur?

Education entrepreneurs are educators with a creative, problem-solving mindset. They see that education is not perfect, and they consistently are working to improve the situation. This might look like: educators creating new models; educators innovating within their current schools; educators creating options outside the typical school day to serve learners; educators with knowledge and expertise seeking to share with peers.

Who can become a member?

Any individual who is focused on K-12 learners and who is innovating in their own space. We are seeking education entrepreneurs who are curious, humble, collaborative, open to learning and believe every learner is capable of amazing achievements.

How do I become a member?

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Why join with us?

Be on the forefront of education innovation.

Learning Lab encourages collaboration and creativity in the learning space. To empower all learners, we need participation from education entrepreneurs, learners and you!

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