Welcome to your

launch pad.

Welcome to your

launch pad.

You're ready to transform education. So are we.

Learning Lab empowers education pioneers in a state-of-the-art facility that’s as collaboration-focused as it is well‑resourced.
Our versatile ecosystem provides members with access to the tools, resources, and collective mindset you need to actualize your best ideas.
A mother and child smiling and coloring with crayons.
A student at a school desk looking through a pencil case full of colored pencils.
We incubate bottom-up education solutions that aren’t dictated by rigid or antiquated models, but informed by the communities, families, and learners these solutions support. Because the people closest to the problem are the most capable of solving it.
In our 15,601-square-foot workspace, we don’t have classrooms. We have open and modular collaboration spaces where education entrepreneurs (edupreneurs, as we call them) have the agency to shape and deploy diverse, personalized approaches to education.
Whether you're a homeschool family, microschool, learning pod, startup school, pioneering administrator or educator looking to push boundaries, Learning Lab is an environment designed to foster the best student outcomes born from innovation, family feedback, and community influence.
A student speaking to an educator while the educator takes notes.

Why collaborate with us?

Culture of innovation and openness

Every Learning Lab member believes that the best ideas are born from respect, openness, and a desire to learn. We push boundaries knowing that the education system is due for disruption.

State-of-the art co-learning facilities

Rent or lease access to a modernized workspace built for ideation and design thinking. Set up your learning environment your way. From 3D printers to organized pitch nights, we give you the tools and get out of your way.

Robust network of partners and resources

Combine forces with out-of-system educators, education service providers, in-system admins, and community leaders to cross-pollinate and strengthen your ideas.

Concierge service

We’ll coordinate meaningful continued learning opportunities to help your learners receive support outside of Leaning Lab through mentors, applied learning, internships, and more.

Professional development

Because educators are learners, too.

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